Our school was founded in 1986 by Barbara A. Rogers to meet the unique needs of intellectual, creative, and very able children. Under her guidance that vision continues today. The school initially provided a nurturing infant care and advanced preschool program. Students who had completed our preschool program were not only performing academically at an advanced level but were able to read when entering kindergarten. The independent, co-educational, elementary school was established in 1998, when our preschool parents asked the school to create an elementary program to satisfy their children's advanced academic and creative appetites. Students are given the opportunity to work at their academic level instead of their grade level in many areas, placing most students one or two grade levels above the norm.

The school is infused with an understanding that the individual and social responsibility emphasized on campus will ripple beyond our school community. Both on and off campus, our students participate in numerous community service opportunities and benefit from extensive field studies. Altogether, our students are growing up to take their places as accomplished, responsible, and compassionate citizens of the world.